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The Hookah Lounge is a relaxed hang out that features a long list of unique house blended hookah and tea flavors, along with a variety of games.

The Hookah Lounge @ 2420 was established in 2007, as a Hookah and smoke accessory shop. It changed the way people considered how we can enjoy Hookah’s. No longer was it only for traditional settings, but was now made more fresh & modern. A lounge with private booths, each with a video game console and some board games, relaxed lighting, and chill music. In 2010 Dustin Colina became the new owner, and changed the name to The Hookah Lounge. With a new owner came a new focus on the customers and their experience. The quality of the Hookah was the first priority, followed closely by the ability to provide entertainment. So all of the seating and lighting was upgraded, along with adding a second old-school video game console to each booth, new tvs, not to mention our ever-increasing board and card game collection. Live music was implement for every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday provided and supported by the best talent in the area. Themed nights (like Movie Night), Event Nights, Parties, and Holidays are also a good excuse to have a great time at the lounge.

About Dustin Colina: A Clearwater High School graduate who, as a non-smoker, discovered Hookah in a small shop about an hour away from town. He quickly fell in love with the whole experience and purchased a Hookah only after the 2nd visit to the traditionally ran smoke shop. Dustin quickly found that he enjoyed serving his friends with new and better flavor blends, and smoke tricks/games. It wasn’t long until a business plan was written for a Hookah Lounge with plans to open in Clearwater. This business plan, once combined with a friends local tobacco business “Shop 24:20”, became “The Hookah Lounge @ 24:20” in 2007. Dustin became the sole proprietor in early 2010 and since has only shown interest in how he can improve the relaxing, smoking experience for his clients / new friends.

Address & Phone

2420 Gulf to Bay Blvd
Clearwater, FL 33765

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